Join the Team as a REALTOR®®

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Are you a licensed REALTOR®® looking for mentorship and to be part of a team? Or tired of chasing and managing leads and want some support?

Have we got an opportunity for you! We’ve tested out our systems and processes and we’re ready to grow our teamwe’re eager to meet fresh talent! Check us out to see what we’re about.

Why Work With Our Team?

  1. Make more money - better gross commission because you’re doing more deals and better net because we’ll keep your expenses low

  2. Do what you love to do - we’ll take care of generating leads so you can focus on building relationships and selling homes

  3. Have more time to live your life - with our tools and team support you’ll be more efficient to focus on what matters in life

Our Core Values:

Put Our Clients First

Our clients rely on us to help them navigate the real estate world. As REALTOR®S®®, we start by asking ourselves how we can address our clients’ needs and provide exceptional value.

Win or Learn

Our team is all about growing and learning through experimentation. Whether we succeed or fail, we are always learning from our experiences and each other. 

Be Part of the Team

The success of our team depends on the effort of every member. We all work to achieve success that benefits everyone, not just to the broker or team leader.

Act with Integrity

We do what we say we are going to do and admit when we make mistakes. 

Respond with Care and Honesty

We believe honest and respectful feedback helps us grow. Feedback provides guidance to new agents and prevents complacency with experienced agents.

We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Qualified Leads

Prospecting and lead generation activities are time-consuming. As REALTOR®S®®, we often find that the busier we become servicing our clients, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones. We are the masters of lead generation and will help you grow your business. Our in house Inside Sales Agent will qualify leads for you, so you can close more deals. 

Become a Trusted Advisor

All REALTOR®S®® face challenges. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Traditional sales methods turn off customers. Our simple mission is to empower you to attract lifetime clients by creating value as their trusted advisor. Through our regular training, accountability meetings and one-on-one coaching we’ll help you become the best you can be. 

Marketing is our Competitive Edge

As professionals, we’ve dedicated ourselves to provide excellent service to our clients and we want to tell the people why. Our marketing director is working fiercely to share our story through online engagement and awareness to increase loyalty, action, and driving sales. With years of experience as a digital strategist for an award-winning marketing agency, our marketing director is an integral part of our team giving us that competitive edge. 

Our Tools, Systems and Processes

Imagine having all your clients and important documents synced up with you wherever you go. Our tools are integrated into a powerful system to streamline working with your clients and make information easily accessible. We are passionate about technology and systems that work. 

Reputation Is Important

Today’s consumers are savvy shoppers who do their own research before choosing a REALTOR®® to work with. We use good old-fashioned word-of-mouth to help our consumers to find us. It’s an easy way to build trust and to grow our business. We’ve built a system within our team that allows us to connect with our most trusted past clients to help us with this.

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Get In Touch Today

If you’re interested in building a great business, making an impact in the lives of people, personal and professional growth through challenging work, and having some fun along the way—start the conversation by sending us an email at with a brief introduction about yourself.

Want to learn more about David, our lead REALTOR®®? Check out his bio. To learn more about MaxWell Challenge Realty, please visit the brokerage website.

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